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Our website is our platform to offer you information on our company and our vision of success. The information on this page is design to help agents become better informed and make educated decisions based on facts. We work hard to maintain a supportive atmosphere for our agents and encourage them to reach their full potential. By choosing Luxury & Beach Realty, you are choosing the best brokerage for your business.

Luxury & Beach Realty is committed to our team!
We offer training, coaching, and support COMPLETELY FREE!
Your success is our success–therefore, we’re here for you!

  • Why Choose LBR

    When considering changing firms do your homework. Look into what the Brokers are offering and what it really means to you, your business and your clients. Here is what we offer our agents:

    • Direct Broker Support & Office Administrative Assistance
    • FREE One on One Coaching
    • FREE Training Classes
    • FREE Lead Generation Training
    • FREE Checklists, Email Campaigns, Listing Presentations, Step-by-Step Marketing Plans & More
    • FREE IDX, Agent Website & Listing Websites
    • FREE Sign Panels
    • Professionally Designed Custom Business Card Templates
    • 90% Referrals (caps at $250.00)
  • Benefits of LBR

    We believe realtors work hard for their money and should be justly compensated.

    We have one plan:

    • 100% commissions
    • $40 a month
    • $300 (includes E &O)

    It’s that simple!

  • Agent Sign-Up

    Confident Luxury & Beach Realty is the right fit for you? Contact our office today for further details on how you can become an agent with our team!


Just loving it here at Luxury & Beach Realty! Broker Julie Simpson and staff are so helpful and supportive! Our Tech Tuesday classes are packed full of useful knowledge to grow my business! Not to mention the amazing commission schedule…it’s like getting an instant 36% pay raise on every transaction! Gotta love that!

Luxury & Beach Realty, Inc is by far the best Real Estate company I have worked for. After 15 years in the Real Estate business, I have worked with many Realtors & offices, however, this is my home, I have found my family! All of our agents are very committed, professional & efficient in their careers. At last but not least, the brains behind this operation, Julie Simpson, the Broker, is the master when it comes to negotiating on our agents behalf, can coach the most seasoned agent in the business into a Real Estate sensation, she is understanding and better yet, a good friend to have!

I Have  been a Professional Realtor in the St. Petersburg areas for 32 years . Previously with ERA and Re/max,  I can tell clients that Luxury and Beach Realty has the most “up to the minute” training I have ever recieved.  From technology to contract changes, Title, mortgages, insurance, and home inspections , all this is to protect you, our clients, and allow us to be even better as your Realtor.

We were lucky enough to be introduced to Luxury and Beach from the start of the company. We have witnessed the growth and have prospered because of it.  Our experience has been 100% positive from all aspects of real estate.  The structure of the company allows you to be creative and on your own without being supervised which is great for realtors who have been in the business for a while and have their own following.  For those who are starting out they could not make it any easier for you! There is constant support and guidance where needed. Someone always gets back to you promptly with any questions about the changes in technology and new laws that are enacted. Speaking of technology, the company offers “Tech Tuesdays” which is very helpful.
    Aside from the business and support, the best reason to join Luxury and Beach is Julie, Zee, Elin and the wonderful, friendly staff. They never make you feel as though you are a bother or asking a question that you probably should have known the answer to. They are like family which makes our job so pleasant. In today’s world of texts, emails, and lack of personal contact this means so much. We would strongly recommend Luxury and Beach to any fellow realtors.

I would like to take this opportunity to share with you how very much I feel at home working here with Luxury & Beach Realty.  It is so refreshing to be working in such a warm, yet, very personal and professionally managed Real Estate Brokerage.

This family based business has years of experience in doing things just right!

Tuesday’s offer many presentations of learning, engaging and collaborating with our colleagues.

There is a distinct feeling of teamwork, respect and belonging.  The staff is always quick to help and answer any questions you may have.
Come join us, and “grow” with the “flow”
Glad To Be Here!

If you need a “home” for your license, seriously consider placing it with Luxury & Beach Realty.  You are truly in charge of your own business, while receiving all the support you would from a company asking you to give up 25-30% of your income!  Additionally, you are able to work with other Luxury & Beach realtors on referrals.  This makes it easy to know you are working with someone within the company who can list a property you have, or you can list one for them…everybody wins. I have been with LBR since April 2015, and it has been a thoroughly positive experience.  I have never been to Pasadena, FL, but I know the broker and staff are very helpful, responsive, and concerned about my success.  Let them be your partner in success.

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