Tiny Homes Big Obstacles

Ever thought about buying a tiny house? Susan Taylor Martin wrote an article about the not-so-tiny obstacles tiny home owners have to overcome. Financing and zoning laws are not the only burdens tiny home owners are facing. Tiny homes are considered accessory dwellings with each city having different requirements for the homes. In St. Petersburg an accessory home can be built on the same lot as an existing home if the lot is at least 5,800 square feet while in Tampa accessory homes are not allowed on lots zoned for single families. While zoning is difficult, financing is becoming easier to obtain with the gaining popularity of tiny homes. So, what does this mean for the future of tiny homes in our area? Recently in St. Petersburg the city approved the construction of two permanent tiny homes located in the Eco Village on 15th St. N. Want to know more? Read Susan Taylor Martin’s article in the Tampa Bay Times.

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